Dodge Moving and Storage - Moving company destroyed our belongings..

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We hired Dodge Moving & Storage to transfer our belongings from St.Louis, MO to Granbury, Texas.

They basically damaged or destroyed every set we owned. Found out that they hired a 3rd-party to transfer our stuff. These damages were not simply accidental. The delivery crew was very apologetic and said that they found our stuff in a pile in the middle of the warehouse and not sure what happened to our stuff.

The moving company's settlement was less than what we paid them to move our household. So in essence, we paid them to destroy our belongings. Their service and the follow up leaves much to be desired. They kept pointing to what the contract covers vs.

their promise of delivering our stuff in the same condition they received them. And want us to find replacements or have them repaired. Not sure where we are supposed to find matching items. They should not be allowed to do this to others.

I am seeking legal remedies but perhaps they have deep pockets to cover legal fees which may deter many people from seeking justice.They had no problem getting our money but what happened to the promise of delivering the service we paid for..

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We kept in contact with this customer every step of the claims process.Our intention always is to repair items, and provide a full value compensation for those items that could not be repaird.

We are confident that the final settlement provided was fair, as it was based on the professional inspection given from a furniture repair company.

We deeply regret the damages that occured, and welcome you to contact our claims department with any further issues.


I definitely think you have a lawsuit here.This looks deliberate.

I can't believe that this company would think that this was acceptable. They should be giving you extra money for the embarrassing way that they handled your furniture, instead of trying to take advantage of you. I'm sure that it was very disheartening seeing your furniture delivered in this condition. This is more than money, this is a company your hired in good faith, to take care of your things and having them basically not giving a ***.

I would be suing and also getting my money back that you paid them to move it!Good luck!

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